BluSky Trading Company Review

BluSky Trading Company Review 2024

BluSky Trading Company is a promising new proprietary trading firm located in Florida, United States. They have a business model based on financing and retaining successful traders, meaning they have a vested interest in their customers becoming profitable funded traders. Once you have passed their evaluation period, traders are given real capital by the firm, not just a simulation. It takes as few as eight days for traders to receive funding and withdrawals are processed every day, with no minimum trading days. Traders benefit from a more flexible trading platform, as BluSky Trader Funding Programs have eliminated some of the constraints that can crash funded accounts. The company’s main aim is for traders to succeed.

You can select the funded account most suitable to your requirements. Trading works best when you feel most at ease. BluSky Trading helps traders who trade steadily and profitably for an extended period with your present funded account in raising their limits.

Trade Objectives

There are three goals traders need to meet before passing the BluSky Evaluation:

  1. Trade for a minimum of eight days (a trading day beings at 6PM EST and finishes at 5PM EST the next day).
  2. Meet the profit target
  3. Make consistent profits

Trading Rules

Total profit from a single trading day must not be higher than 30% of your completed evaluation balance, otherwise your account will fail. If you do exceed this, you merely need to reach a higher evaluation level to decrease the profit from one trading day.

There are two potential outcomes for being unsuccessful in the evaluation:

  1. Fall below the minimum trailing balance.
  2. Fall below the daily loss limit in a single trading day.

Traders have three options for BluSky Trading Evaluation:

  • $25K account
  • $50K account
  • $100K account

Traders receive a free NinjaTrader licence and one-to-one digital mentoring with each assessment account. While the rules and assessment objectives differ, an evaluation reset costs $85. You are also permitted to trade the news during the review period.


Advanced $25K

Premium $50K

Premium+ $100K

Maximum Contracts

4 mini / 40 micros

10 mini / 100 micros

14 mini / 140 micros

Profit Target




Minimum Trading Days




Consistency Threshold




Trailing Drawdown




Daily Loss Limit








Once you have passed the evaluation period and attained a funded account, you will benefit from the following:

  • $0 Monthly Data Fees
  • $85 (One-Time) Setup Fee – No Monthly Fees
  • 80% Profit | Up to 90% Profit
  • Ability to withdraw daily via Deel which supports ACH, PayPal, Coinbase, Binance and many more.

No minimum trading days to withdraw your earnings.


BluLive makes the transition to a funded account easier:

BluSky Trading has a newly established starting stage, BluLive, which helps traders having difficulty transitioning into a funded trading account. Traders who have passed the evaluation period will have their results swiftly verified and the company will create your BluLive account, without barriers, goals, or requirements – just a fixed drawdown! The following benefits minimise stress for traders:

  • No $85 assignment fee
  • No daily loss limit
  • Simulated executions allow traders to adapt more easily in the knowledge that it is not instantaneously a real live brokerage account.
  • No coordination with the brokerage allows the account to be created faster

When you achieve a fixed drawdown in BluLive:

The company will move you into a funded brokerage just where you left off, without any more targets or prerequisites.

 Account Size

When you move to Brokerage

With Fixed Minimum Balance











 Max contracts (50% while in BluLive)


2 minis / 20 micros


5 minis / 50 micros


7 minis / 70 micros


You need only trade for a small proportion of the days at a time. BluSky Trading is trying to improve reliability by requiring a minimum of eight trading days, compared to the ten required by other prop firms. Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of 30 days, but your account balance is not reset, meaning it’s possible to continue to trade your account at a speed that suits you.

Pass the evaluation phase

To establish a funded account, BluSky Trading contacts you and your brokerage partner. Once you have paid the €85 start-up fee, your account will be credited with the suitable risk, and you can begin trading.

Trade on the funded account

Everything you do on the funded account takes place on the markets, and so it is imperative that you treat this funded account as a real one. As BluSky Trading profits from traders’ success, the company encourages you to succeed with this account. Limitless withdrawals are free at any time.

Follow-up funding support

The prop firm wants traders to discuss trading strategies with them and provide advice where suitable. They also believe that communication between traders with mutual interests can help develop your trading career. A coach can be beneficial for even those traders with high levels of experience, but traders who would rather not deal with a coach are accepted too.


Your biggest unrealised balance increases the minimum trailing balance. It traces that amount by your “Trailing Drawdown”. The daily loss limit is not trailing, but dependent instead on each day’s beginning balance.

Unlike during the evaluation period, the daily stop loss does not fail your funded account. Instead, you just can’t make any more trades until the following trading day. If you end a day with a balance higher than your profit target, you’re able to request a higher daily loss limit. The firm recommends all traders place daily stop losses in order to protect themselves until the end of the day; this can be set up by the brokerage company for you.

Trading Strategies

All open positions are liquidated a quarter of an hour before the market closes and traders may not trade the news. The company’s system automatically places a limit on your maximum contracts and any orders that are too big will be declined.

To keep your account active, you must trade a minimum of once a month; otherwise, you will be issued warnings and charged a fine. When you have achieved a funded account and are no longer in the risk zone, you’re able to trade freely with very few restrictions.

Multiple Accounts

Traders are allowed up to two funded accounts open concurrently, but the $100k account cannot be combined with an account of another size. Traders with two funded trading accounts are prohibited from from placing simultaneous trades in opposing directions (short & long) on the same product – such a step results in permanent cancellation of your account.

Account Size

Max Accounts

Trade Copier Allowed









Max Accounts & Copy Trading


It usually takes more than one attempt for traders to pass the evaluation and those who don’t pass the first time around can pay €85 to reset it and have another go. This will not impact your subscription billing cycle.

BluSky Trading are keen to help traders improve, thereby retaining more traders. Those initially drawn in the by the funding stay for the company’s coaching, which can help you become a professional funded futures trader in a mutually advantageous set up. Rather than prescribing when and how you should be trading, they want to enhance your trading style by getting an understanding of how you think. This complimentary service is well worth making use of to become a consistent and successful trader.

Because BluSky Trading have a business model based on financing and retaining successful traders, the more money you earn, the higher the level of profit you can keep. Similarly, to with other prop trading firms, your profit share will be between 80 and 90%, dependent on how big your funded trading account is. Traders who are successful for a prolonged period can discuss a customised profit share directly with BluSky Trading.

Account lifetime profit withdrawals

Percentage of profit for trader

0 – $20,000


$20,000 – $50,000





Custom offer

Scaling Plan

The scaling plan before you achieve your profit target is as below:


Max Contracts

Daily Loss
(No longer fails)

Trailing drawdown


2 minis / 20 micros




5 minis / 50 micros




7 minis / 70 micros



Once you have reached your profit goal and the trading day is over, your account will change permanently to static.


Max Contracts

Daily Loss
(No longer fails)

Static minimum balance
(Trailing Removed)


4 minis / 40 micros


Static at $26,000


10 minis / 100 micros


Static at $51,000


14 minis / 140 micros


Static at $101,000

If you are trading consistently and need more space the company happily extends your maximum contract size without asking you to begin a new evaluation again (regardless of your initial account size).

To ask for a pay-out in your funded trading account, you simply need to reach your profit goal (unrealised or realised) – there is no minimum number of days to trade.

Account Size

Minimum Balance after withdrawal







Deel Payments

Pay-outs are done by, who provide payment services internationally and support a range of payment methods, including ACH, PayPal, Coinbase and Binance.

Pay-outs requested before 12 PM EST on weekdays (excluding holidays) are made on the same day. ACH transfers generally take between one and three business days to clear.

BluSky Trading Company supports any Tradovate and Rithmic platforms. By creating an efficient platform for high speed, multi-device trading using technology created specifically for active futures traders, Tradovate is modernising futures trading. Rithmic develops multi-asset trade execution software at the same time as offering dependable exchange connectivity and fast order routing through the following topflight trading platforms:

  • Bookmap Trading
  • Jigsaw Trading
  • Motivewave
  • Ninja Trader
  • Quantover
  • Sierra Charts
  • TradingView
  • Tradovate

It’s possible to trade Futures & Options on Futures all in the same platform exchanges. including the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBoT).

Commission on the evaluation accounts are $2 per side for minis and $0.50 per side for micros. Funded Trading accounts commissions are priced by the brokerage and are generally cheaper than the evaluation.

Maximum Capital


Profit Split

Up to 90%



News Trading

Weekend Trading

Automated Trading

Free Trial

1st Step Free

Maximum Leverage


  • First step FREE!
  • No minimum days to trade
  • Free 1-on-1 funded coaching
  • Up to 90% profit share
  • Daily withdrawal requests
  • Daily loss on funded trading account does not fail your account, it just stops you from trading that day
  • One-time pro account fee with no monthly recurring fees
  • Trading the news is not allowed
  • Holding overnight positions or weekends is not allowed
  • Futures trading only

On balance, BluSky Trading Company provides competitive funded programs with a scaling plan and a profit share which, at up to 90%, is substantial. Both the goals and the trading rules are uncomplicated, and it’s possible to trade a large range of financial instruments on professional trading platforms with very good trading conditions. Although news trading and weekend trading are banned, the starting fee is reasonable and as far as we know it is the only futures proprietary trading firm that allows funded accounts to request instant, daily withdrawals. Another significant upside of BluSky Trading is its complimentary one-to-one coaching, which supports their clients in becoming funded futures traders. Though the trailing drawdown is demanding, profit targets are attainable. In conclusion, BluSky Trading Company could well become a front-runner in the futures proprietary trading industry.

Please refer to the following pages of our website to read about similar other Prop Firms leading the industry such as: FundedNext Review 


Although our minimum trading days are low (8), don’t feel rushed. You have 30 days before your subscription renews, and when that happens, we won’t reset your balance. You can continue trading at a pace that works best for you.

Trading is hard. Most traders never pass the evaluation. But when they do pass, it’s almost never on the first try.

You can reset any evaluation for $85 at any time, but it will not extend the evaluation renewal date.

A free reset is available on renewal upon request

There is no setup fee anymore after the eval ($85 saved)!The daily loss limit is removed!The trailing drawdown becomes static when you reach your profit goal!
So now, we quickly create your BluLive account and you trade that until you reach a static drawdown. Your only rule is to not fall below the trailing-to-static drawdown.

Once your account reaches a static drawdown, we send you the final agreements to sign, and we’ll deposit the risk capital into an account at one of our premium brokerages.

Your goal balance transfers over from the evaluation. Remember, this is a real account with real money and real executions. When you take a payout, we make money too. There’s no limit on your payout amounts over your safety buffer.

We are hoping you do well and start payout quickly, because we both share in the payouts.

Trading is hard and it stays that way. If you’d like some extra support, we really encourage our traders to reach out to us for coaching. We’re always interested in hearing about your trading and how you’d like to improve.

Even the most experienced traders can benefit from the perspective of a coach. However, if you don’t feel like coaching is right for you, that’s completely okay too.

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