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Earn2Trade Review 2024

Sometimes, the trading business may be really complicated. Exactly the same applies to trading education at the beginning of the career of every trader. You will find countless numbers of trading courses, but only a few companies act like a headhunter who is searching for the very best candidates in the trading business.

Earn2Trade belongs to those few, and they offer a futures funded trader program called Gauntlet. The people who are taking advantage of this program have the chance to trade by using a funded trading account from Helios Trading Partners.

I asked Ryan Masten, the founder of Earn2Trade, if he would like to introduce his company and its products and services to me. Also, I decided to add more information about the newest Earn2Trade product – the Gauntlet Mini – to this Earn2Trade review.

Transparency: When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, we may earn a small share of the revenue.

In August 2019, Earn2Trade launched their newest product, the Gauntlet Mini™.

When I heard about it the first time, I thought, that it’s a product all about the mini futures contracts. But it’s not. The Gauntlet Mini™ is a variation of the standard Gauntlet™. Instead of a 60-day competition duration, the Gauntlet Mini™ enables you to get a funded trading account after a period of 15 days when all criteria are met.

The pricing per month depends on the funded trading account you aim for. The pricing starts at $150/month for the 25k account and goes up to $350/month if you aim for the $150,000 account.

For the $25,000 challenge, the best case would be if you start with the $150 for the first month, trade strictly to the rules and archive the profit goal of $1,750 within the first month.

If you get this done, then you get a funded trading account from Earn2Trade’s proprietary trading partner. The interesting thing about the Gauntlet Mini™ is that during the time you subscribe to this program is this:

  • Free access to their Beginner Crash Course, which is usually priced at $249 for lifetime access.
  • Access to the trading simulator is also included in the price for the competition
  • Access to the reporting tool Journalytix.

Now, let’s take the Earn2Trade review part a bit further by analyzing the features of the platform.

The Earn2Trades funded trading platform comes with all essential tools a trading platform should have. I like to show you those who caught my attention the most.

Earn2Trades platform from Finamark Systems offers all the basic charting options like chart types and indicators. They now also included important dates.

This way, you see on your chart when an important date or times comes closer. In this example, the UK Parliamentary Vote on Brexit just happened. This is a nice feature to be aware of news events and also to review the market reaction to such news events.

Also, here are some indicators taken from the long list of available trading indicators.

But there are even more widgets available by simply clicking on “widgets” at the top of the Finamark Systems trading platform:

This is a cool feature. Level 2 data is included in your monthly subscription price, and you can integrate the DOM on your trading platform.

As you can see, you also have trading buttons right below the DOM. But it gets even better, one-click trading is also possible. You can turn one-click trading on and then you can trade right from the chart or right by clicking at the prices in the DOM

This is another cool feature. Along with the normal Times and Sales window, you can also take a closer look at the tape on a compressed basis by using the reconstructed tape.

One thing I did not expect was that you could change the series type of chart.

A normal candlestick chart can be differentiated between of being a time-chart (e.g., 5 minutes), a tick chart (e.g., 200 tick chart), a volume chart (e.g., 100 contracts per candle) or a range chart (price range per candle).

One option is to do one-click trading. For more complex orders, you can use the order ticket. A simple and advanced mode is available. Besides the quantity, symbol and order details, you can also see the margin required, and the applied commission for the intended trade right at the bottom.

During your subscription period, your trades can be sent to your Journalytix tool. There you can categorize your trades and also evaluate which strategy works best for you. You can also export the data to analyze it in MS Excel.

Any funded trading account challenge has its rules. They exist to evaluate if you can trade by a rule set or not. Would you give someone up to $250,000 in capital to let him trade your money if you haven’t proven that he is a good trader?

No! You would not do this!

So that’s why rules exist. Luckily, the rules are easy to understand for the most part:

The rules are comparable to those from TopstepTrader. They differ in a few nuances.

As you can see, the max positions size notes “up to n contracts” the reason for this is that there is a rule behind this rule called “Progression Ladder”. Earn2Trade is transparent here and with a click on the “*” you can see the details behind the progression ladder rules.

For example, trading the $25,000 account, you start with a maximum of 2 contracts until you are up at least $1,500 in your account. Once you met the criteria and remain above this level, you can add and trade up to 3 contracts at once.

It is essential to understand this rule because it’s one of the more complex ones. Also Earn2Trade’s competitors like OneUp Trader have similar rules, so it’s neither a plus nor a downside. But it’s worth mentioning it.

Earn2Trade Gauntlet-Mini Example

If you chose the $25,000 competition, then you:

  • must trade at least 15 trading days and you
  • are now allowed to dip or reach below the daily loss limit of $550
  • not allowed to exceed the “up to 3 contracts” maximum position size
  • you are not allowed to hit the trailing drawdown of $1,500 (trailing, because it’s always calculated once you reach higher account levels)
  • and you are only allowed during approved times, and you must follow the progression ladder.

As I lined out above, based on the progression ladder, you are not allowed to trade more than 2 contracts until you made a profit of at least $1,501+. As you can see, it is important to read and understand the whole ruleset!

Earn2Trade is an interesting alternative to other funded trading account programs. Earn2Trade shines by offering some excellent additional features like the journalytix access and free access to the beginner’s crash course.


Ryan Masten: Earn2Trade is a trading education company that helps traders learn the Futures and Forex markets. Through our 60 day trading Gauntlet™, we also act as a recruitment company for proprietary trading firms to find quality traders.

Ryan Masten: Earn2Trade was built by professional traders and educators that have a collective passion for helping traders navigate through a complicated industry.

All of our mentors have passed their FINRA Series 3 and 34 exams. Personally I have passed my Series 3, 34, and 30 exams along with being an NFA member and an owner of a Commodity Trading Advisor.

Ryan Masten: In the United States, Earn2Trade has offices in Texas, Florida and Wyoming. Internationally, Earn2Trade has a support office in Budapest, Hungary.

Ryan Masten: Earn2Trade is perfect for those looking to start their trading careers with a professionally designed educational course or for those just looking for that extra 1-on-1 mentoring to help get them through their pain points.

We also have our Gauntlet™ program for those who already have a successful strategy and are just looking for additional trading capital.

Ryan Masten: Earn2Trade currently offers 4 products:

  • Beginners Crash Course
  • Bootcamp
  • The Gauntlet™
  • The Gauntlet Mini ™

The Beginners Crash Course is designed to give core fundamental education about the Futures and Forex markets to both beginner traders and experienced traders looking for more education around the markets themselves rather than a particular trading strategy.

Our Bootcamp program is a 4 month long structured course that combines all of our products together with personalized mentoring sessions and live group webinars.

At the end of the Bootcamp program, the trader gets to finally attempt the Gauntlet for a chance to receive an offer from a proprietary trading firm. The Gauntlet™ is a 60 day trading challenge specifically designed to try and keep the experience the closest we can to live market conditions.

The Gauntlet™ allows a trader to demonstrate their trading performance over 60 days with the goal of receiving an offer from a proprietary trading firm should they meet the Gauntlet™ objectives. The Gauntlet Mini ™ is a variant of the Gauntlet™, which is focused on Intraday traders.

It can be completed in as little as 15 trading days, but candidates must pay attention to a strict set of trading rules to compete it successfully. It is available in multiple account sizes, and is required a monthly subscription as opposed to the one-time payment features in the Gauntlet™.

Ryan Masten: Earn2Trade offers an end to end game plan for people just getting interested in the market. Our Bootcamp program provides introductory traders a full video and webinar course, with a guided and rigid mentorship program throughout.

After completing video and webinar course, the candidates move through a trading simulator and The Gauntlet™, during which they also receive weekly mentorship and webinar sessions throughout.

Upon successfully completing The Gauntlet™ the candidate will be provided with an offer to join a proprietary trading firm and begin their trading career. We truly believe this is a unique and valuable offer for prospective traders.

Ryan Masten: Currently the Beginners Crash Course is available monthly for a one-time payment of $249 for lifetime access. Our educational Bootcamp is available for a one-time payment of $2,499.

We have our Gauntlet™ priced at a one-time payment $429 for the 60 day program, while our Gauntlet Mini™ is available starting from $150 per month.

We are almost always running at least one special offer so please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our representatives.

Ryan Masten: Unfortunately at this time we do not offer a free trial but please check back with us for discounted special offers.

Earn2Trade convinces with their overall concept. The missing free trial is a downside, while regular discounts provide an excellent opportunity to join the program.

Please refer to the following pages of our website to read about similar other Prop Firms leading the industry such as: Topstep Review

No, the setup fee is non-refundable, as it covers the costs of setting up and maintaining a funded account, which are paid immediately and cannot be reverted.

Traders do not pay the setup fee if they pass the evaluation but do not generate any profits.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $100. However, for your first withdrawal, this amount increases to $239 due to the inclusion of the setup fee: $100 + $139. This setup fee is only charged once, so for subsequent withdrawals the standard $100 minimum will apply.

You have the option to withdraw your profits either via bank transfer or in cryptocurrency. These methods are provided through our partnership with Rise, an international contract and payment management platform.

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