Exciting news for prop firm traders as Topstep introduces TopstepX, a unique trading platform created especially for them

Exciting news for prop firm traders as Topstep introduces TopstepX, a unique trading platform created especially for them.

TopstepX™ is a revolutionary trading platform crafted to meet the specialised demands of prop firm traders. It provides more than just a trade execution tool, immersing futures traders in the full Topstep experience.

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TopstepX™ is an innovative trading platform tailored specifically to the needs of Topstep traders. Built from over a decade of collective experience, the prop firm has worked alongside expert traders and forward-thinking developers to create a pioneering prop trading tool. TopstepX™ delivers more than a simple trade execution service; it provides the “Ultimate Trading Xperience™”, arming traders with a comprehensive suite of educational resources, trading competitions, and access to funded accounts.

Topstep understands traders’ demands like no one else, having invented this niche market and being traders themselves. The TopstepX Trading Platform is designed explicitly for traders, not brokerages, and just some of the benefits it provides are listed below:

  • Trade anywhere with your PC or Mac
  • Customise dashboards to your specific trading style
  • Benefit from tools that promote discipline and consistency
  • Take advantage of integrated TradingView charting
  • Trade the maximum equivalent contract values of Minis and Micros
  • Live Executions powered by

Widespread Issues: None 

Data Feed: Topstep

Latest Update: TopstepX Changelog

Contact Support: topstep.com/contact-support

The table below details which instruments can be traded on TopstepX.

Gold (GC)

Crude Oil (CL)

E-Mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)

Micro NASDAQ 100 (MNQ)

E-Mini S&P 500 (ES)

Micro S&P 500 (MES)

E-Mini Russell 2000 (RTY)

Micro Russel 2000 (M2K)

Mini-DOW (YM)

Micro DOW (MYM)

Silver (SI)

Micro Silver (SIL)

Natural Gas (NG)

E-mini Natural Gas (QG)

Micro Crude Oil (MCL)

Micro Gold (MGC)

Copper (HG)

Platinum (PLN)

TopstepX facilitates trading with maximum equivalent values of Minis and Micros (10:1 contract ratio, except for Silver which is 5:1). The “maximum position sizes” are aligned with leveraged amounts, enabling traders to swap 10x Micro for Minis contracts.

Access TradingView, the premier charting software, complete with a wide array of drawing tools, indicators, and customisations that many traders really appreciate. TopstepX stands out as the only futures platform offering TradingView charts directly.

You can learn more by reading our Topstep Review 2024, covering everything you need to know about the prop firm.

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